To become listed in the Lawyerly network, you will need to either claim your existing profile or create a new lawyer profile. You may already be listed in our system, even if you have not submitted any information to Lawyerly.

Claiming an Existing Profile

To take charge of your existing lawyer profile, you will need to claim your profile by proving your identity and creating a Lawyerly account. Find your profile and click “CLAIM NOW!” to get started.

If you are unable to claim your existing profile or do not have one, no problem. Just create a new one. We have three tiers of listings, including a “Forever Free” plan.

Creating a New Profile

If you are not currently listed at Lawyerly you can create a new lawyer profile. When a new lawyer profile is created, we will look at it to check for the following items to make sure they are all included before we verify the profile. Once the profile is verified, it will be listed in search results and visible to the public.

The following information will outline the guidelines for creating a new lawyer profile and joining our network.

  1. Name: Your lawyer profile page must contain your real name as it appears on file with your state bar or licensing organization. The first, middle, last, and suffix fields must be an exact match to the individual lawyer for who the profile page is for. We only allow law firm listings if every partner is also listed. Sorry – Them’s the rules…
  2. Bar License: Each lawyer profile page for an individual lawyer who is licensed to practice law in Michigan must list their state bar license. Please also include the year of admission.
  3. Headshot: Every lawyer profile must include a headshot. The headshot should be a photograph of the individual lawyer’s face. If you upload an image of your firm’s logo, it won’t look great when clients search our system (and they might skip right past your listing). It is recommended that the lawyer upload a professional headshot image that is at least 250×312 pixels but no smaller than 100×140 pixels. TIP: If you would like to include an image of your logo, please upload it to the Featured Image section of your profile. To include other images, please use the Photos section of your profile.
  4. Practice Areas: Every lawyer profile must include Practice Areas. Your profile will only be found in search results for practice areas that you specify on your profile. Without practice areas, your profile will not show up in search results.
  5. Address: Every lawyer profile must include a legitimate address located within the State of Michigan, or another state if the lawyer is licensed in the State of Michigan. TIP: Create Lawyerly profiles for every attorney in your law firm! This will provide for better visibility in our database.

Additional Tips

To get the most from your Lawyerly experience, follow each of these tips. Each of the following will help you gain more visibility for yourself and your law practice.

  1. Complete your profile as close to 100% completion as you can! The more complete the profile is, the better it will rank in search results! Sometimes, outranking your competitors is simply a matter of adding more information to your Lawyerly listing.
  2. Association Memberships will help you rank better in search results.
  3. Law School should always be included in your profile.
  4. Upgrade your profile for better visibility. The Lawyerly Enhanced or Deluxe memberships have a ton of benefits. The greatest benefit is that you will rank above free listings for every single practice area that you want to! Plus, you will have more links to your website and can eliminate competitor ads from your page. By upgrading, you will automatically advertise your profile on your competitor’s free profiles. In addition, paid listings automatically get posted to our sister directory Best Michigan Magazine and scheduled promotion to our social media followers.

1- Claim

The best way to get started is to take control of your lawyer page here at Lawyerly. Claim your listing so you can promote it. Don't see your profile listed? Submit it for FREE!

2- Promote

Inform visitors about schedules, your practice, firm descriptions, photos, and video. Promote your business.

3- Convert

Easy tools to reach out and talk to more clients. Turn your visitors into clients by showing your expertise all over the site.